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Social Tech

The health-care system in our society is faced with many challenges. The pandemic highlighted the  uncertainties when the system is under stress. To future-proof the system, there are many areas that can be tackled. One of these areas is releasing the high pressure on caretakers with task innovation and novel ideas.
The SocialTech-impact team is focused exactly on this topic.

The team consists of three motivated students who are diving straight into it. They are focusing on extra-mural care, whereby they work on finding an area to create a potential solution and, most importantly, make an impact.

Team Members

Lucas Keler
Erasmus University
Justus Smid
Erasmus University
Lisa Kluis
Erasmus University

Social Tech Fall Track

The team is challenged to come up with an overview of the complex extramural (outside of the hospital) healthcare market. Based on these insights they will look for innovative solutions to the major issues in this domain. They will develop a business model, validate the use case with potential customers (according to YES!Delft best practices in business model validation) and eventually work toward building an MVP and bringing new solutions to market. 

Come up with validated business cases and technologies that contribute to resilient and future proof health care.
This project is open to Bachelor students, Master students or Post-Graduates from TU Delft, The Hague University of applied sciences and Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Preferred profiles:
- Medical Sciences
- Social & Behavioural Sciences
- Innovation Management
- Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
- Industrial Design Engineering.

- 24/7 guidance by ImpactLab professionals
- Collaborate with with researchers, startups, corporates and public entities
- Contribute to the future of railway transport and infrastructure 

Deadline:           15 July
Final Selection:  15 August
Start:                 12 September
End:                  15 February

This project has both full time and part time roles available, you are invited to apply for a role and state your availability in the application.

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