Next Generation Smart Cities

The Smartcity ImpactLab team will work on developing tools that can aid urban planners and spatial designers with the challenges they face to design future-proof cities. These challenges span topics such as mobility, sustainability, inequality and wellbeing.

The Smartcity ImpactLab is developed in close cooperation with the Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag and will be first implemented in Rotterdam. This cooperation shows that the urgency of the challenges is felt by the problem owners.

Currently, their decision-making processes can't keep up with the growth of technological disruptions, climate goals and population. The multidisciplinary ImpactLab team will design, build and implement a tool to aid in this process. This tool will encompass digital, real-time simulations combined with tangible 3D city maps. Overlaying a digital simulation on a 3D map of the city allows for interactive planning, idea communication and decision-making.

Team Members

Surya Thakur
Luisa de La Vega
Aleksandra Bak
Noah van Buijtene

SmartCity Spring Track

Develop the tangible and digital urban management platform SmartCity, with the following scope of tasks:
Programming/Coding (React JS / Python)
Frontend Development
Building/Urban engineering
Business Development

This project is open to Bachelor students, Master students or Post-Graduates from the TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Preferred profiles:
- Business Information Management
- Geomatics (urban related data scientist) 
- Building/Civil Engineering
- Computer Science

- 24/7 guidance by ImpactLab professionals
- Collaborate with with researchers, startups, corporates and public entities
- Contribute to a urban development tool on the intersection of urban technology and social discourse

This project has both full time and part time roles available, you're invited to apply for a role and state your availability in the application.

Deadline: 23 January
Final Selection: 3 February
Start: 10 February
End: 14 July

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