ProRail: Alternative Modalities on the RailS

Railway Alternatives

The Dutch railway-network has one of the best nation-wide coverages in the world. It is believed that several other ways to make use of this infrastructure are possible. These alternative modalities would make use of the railway network in a new way, and are enabled by new technologies such as 4g/5g, AI, computer vision and robotics.

The Future of Dutch Rail Transport

The Dutch rail network is Europe’s busiest. And it will only become busier. Passenger transport has increased, and both passenger and freight transport are expected to increase over the next few years as well. The network totals 3,223 route km on 6,830 kilometres of track. Despite the great coverage the main concern remains rail capacity. The existing network must be optimised in order to handle the expected growth in traffic in the coming years.

ProRail Fall Track

For 4 different use cases, the team is challenged to come up with a business model, validate the use case with potential customers (according to YES!Delft best practices in business model validation). Additionally, a technical feasibility study will be conducted in parallel.

The 4 use cases:
1.  Parcel delivery from city centre to city centre (by using pods that can automatically ride on the tracks between regular trains). Potential partnership in a later stage with PostNL, DHL or Coolblue
2. Supply-delivery for on-station or on-platform shops (kiosk etc) or companies close to stations or the railway network
3. More flexible cargo transportation of for instance fresh produce from the port
4. Combination of passenger and cargo trains (in which cases could this be feasible)


Deadline:            15 July
Final Selection:   15 August
Start:                  12 September
End:                   15 February

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Team Members

Eduarda Steiner
Erasmus University
Ayman Ahmed Mubeen
TU Delft
Loek Steenhoff
TU Delft
Amogh Ravi
TU Delft
Vibhuti Sharma
TU Delft
Carlton Huber
Erasmus University
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