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we are yes!Delft

At YES!Delft we help make a positive impact on the world through entrepreneurship and our extensive startup ecosystem. Our team is proactively engaged in startups’ journey from inception to exit, to empower and enable founders to contribute to a better world. We reach our goals by working together, sharing success and failures, and inspiring a culture driven by unlimited ambition.



ImpactLab is a validation and development environment aiming at building solutions for corporate and societal challenges. Multidisciplinary teams of students, faculties, researchers, startups and corporates working on a variety of projects in selected domains managed by a team of professionals.

The best educational environment related to entrepreneurship for students.

Our people

yes!delft support team

Evert Jaap Lugt
Managing Director YES!Delft &
Principal Investigator SmartCity
David Beijer
Technical Director YES!Delft
Principal Investigator ProRail
Noortje van Sambeek
ImpactLab Manager & 
Principal Investigator SocialTech
Wouter Robers
Hardware Expert
Maneesh Kumar Verma
Co-investigator Spot
Aniek Langendijk
Co-investigator ProRail
Student scout
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Contact Us

info@yesdelftimpactlab.com+31 613644950

N-Building, 1st floor
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50,
3062 PA Rotterdam