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The best place for students from Delft and Rotterdam to get hands-on experience with technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.
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The best place for students to get hands-on experience with technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

ImpactLab allows multidisciplinary student teams to work with the latest technology and to develop solutions for real life challenges. Through the connection with YES!Delft, one of the top technical incubators in Europe, and working for actual customers, you will learn how to make real impact through innovation and technology.

projects we are working on

ImpactLab is dedicated to making impact through innovation by working on societal and corporate challenges with a team of diverse talents. The list below features projects we are currently working on.

SmartCampus: The Campus of the Future

In close cooperation with EUR Real Estate, data will be colllected on air quality, flow of people and heat distribution. The data can be projected live on a detailed 3D printed model of the campus.
The “smart table of the EUR campus” can help all stakeholders make evidence-based decisions, such as changes in routing, the addition of facilities, and overall liveability.

Spot: Transformative

Impactlab teams Spot works with several stakeholders in finding new applications for Spot the robotdog in the area of inspection, warehouse automation, data collection and security. Mobility without boundaries will open up a world of unlimited possibilities.


With our population to grow and get older over time we need to look for technological solutions to make our healthcare more resilient. Examples of SocialTech are: Solutions aimed at support and care for people with a disability. Solutions that help with physical or mental issues. Solutions that improve social wellbeing. Solutions that help elderly people to live longer, healthy and independent at home.

what to expect

multidisciplinary teams Working on Entrepreneurial Projects

ImpactLab teams are working in cycles of 6 months (full time or part-time) on a selected project. The teams receive 24/7 guidance by a team of ImpactLab professionals and work in close cooperation with faculties, researchers, startups, corporates and public entities. ImpactLab teams are multidisciplinary, coming from universities in the Rotterdam-Delft region.


why join impact lab

Experienced Professionals

24/7 guidance by ImpactLab professionals to help you accelerate your project from an entrepreneurial, strategic and technological perspective.

Multidisciplinary Teams

The projects are open to Bachelor students, Master students and Post-Graduates from the TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Haagse Hogeschool, a great opportunity to work together in a multidisciplinary team and learn from each other.

Free workshops & masterclasses

Throughout the project, you’ll get to attend various workshops held by experts of our ecosystem. Covering areas like how to analyse your team, becoming a master in pitching and much more! You’ll also get complimentary access to online courses to boost the skills that you want to develop during this project!

Access to the YES!Delft Ecosystem

Opportunity to work from the various office locations of YES!Delft, surrounded by successful entrepreneurs that can help you to give insight on useful business topics.

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